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The Salon Closed 15th June, the online presence will close after 30th June, 2024. Goodbye and Thank you, Everyone, V.

V's Story

V was born in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam and never had time for school.

It was her job to take care of her family and she did that from early in life.

V had her first business at 8 years old and  has done many things since then.

At the age of 15 she learnt that she could do AweSome Nails.

She also discovered that when she did AweSome nails, the girls got excited.

She also realised that this made her both proud and happy (for herself).

She had not had much happiness in her life so this was a BIG discovery.

She now realised that by making other people happy, she was happy.

This became who she is, She thinks of everyone else before herself.

V came to Australia in 2010 when she married Ian.

V was always self employed but now tried working for a Boss in Nail Salons.

Working this way prevented her from doing her "Quality" Nails.          

So she set up "V's AweSome Nails", in a breezeway of her home.

People loved her "AweSome" Nails and appreciated the relaxed, friendly, family atmosphere that welcomed them. The Word started to spread.

V said that she does not have clients, or customers, only family and friends.

Very soon she was acclaimed as "The Top Nail Salon on the Sunshine Coast".

Nowadays V is "Stepping Back" from the "Business of the Business".

V is available for  family, friends and anyone who wants "AweSome" Nails.

If you want AweSome Nails, and an AweSome experience, then visit V.

V's AweSome Nails


Store Address

257 Main Rd Kuluin 4558 [email protected]

Ph: 0426 949 387

We Accept

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